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Live Q&A Tonight With Bryce!

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MTV is bringing the summer movie season to a full sizzle with the third night of its “2011 MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week.” The Help stars Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard will introduce a new exclusive clip from the film tonight at 11pm ET/PT on-air and treat fans to an extended LIVE Q&A with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz on Fans can get in on the action immediately via Twitter using the@MTVNews handle and hash-tag #SPW or to submit questions.

Fans that live in the Los Angeles area and are 18 or older, can RSVP to attend tonight’s screening and Q&A by visiting the following site:

Each night is building anticipation toward who will take home the golden popcorn statues during the “2011 MTV Movie Awards” broadcasting LIVE from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA on Sunday, June 5 at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

The Help (Dreamworks) Film Summary: Based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times best-selling phenomenon, “The Help” stars Emma Stone (“Easy A”) as Skeeter, Academy Award®–nominated Viola Davis (“Doubt”) as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny—three very different, extraordinary women in Mississippi during the 1960s, who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project that breaks societal rules and puts them all at risk. From their improbable alliance a remarkable sisterhood emerges, instilling all of them with the courage to transcend the lines that define them, and the realization that sometimes those lines are made to be crossed—even if it means bringing everyone in town face-to-face with the changing times.

Bryce and the Twilight Cast

Bryce Reveals Her Stance On Santa Claus

Full swing into toddlerhood and Bryce Dallas Howard reveals that 2 ½-year-old son Theodore ‘Theo’ Norman’s age made this past holiday season particularly challenging.

“It’s this age where you get to really start to introduce concepts because he’s speaking … and we had the interesting challenge of introducing Santa Claus,” she shares while visiting The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien recently.

As husband Seth Gabel is Jewish and Bryce herself a “Connecticut W.A.S.P,” the actress admits the situation was “tricky” to say the least! “We don’t want to lie to him,” she insists.

“My husband was like, ‘I’m game for this Santa Claus idea, but can we find a compromise so that he doesn’t have some crippling paradigm shift when he’s 8 [and realizes that] Santa Claus isn’t real?’”

Conjuring up a story that portrayed Santa Claus as “a spirit” that appears during the season of giving, Bryce laughs that Theo wasn’t convinced! “Our son immediately was like, ‘Santa Claus? Who’s Santa Claus?’ And we were like, ‘Well, Santa Claus gives us gifts in this spirit,’ and he’s like, ‘Santa Claus? Where’s Santa Claus?’” she says.

As Conan suggested that the first-time parents are “totally over-thinking this,” Bryce shares that he is not alone in his belief; Her father, director Ron Howard took a similar stance on the matter. “That’s kind of what my parents said,” she reveals. “They were just like there’s reindeer, he flies.”

Despite Bryce and Seth’s determination to be “good parents,” the couple eventually waved the white flag.

“We just lost our way and finally we’re just like, ‘Yeah, he’s approximately 300 lbs., comes down through the chimney, [and] you get a lot of gifts. It’s fantastic.’”

Is Bryce Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Twilight’s latest vampire Bryce Dallas Howard has revealed she is having a tough time choosing between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The 28-year-old is taking on the role of evil vampire Victoria in the third movie in the franchise, Eclipse, and said she still isn’t sure if she is actually a Team Edward or Team Jacob fan.

She said: ‘I understand Bella’s dilemma. It’s so hard! I mean, I went beserk over Edward when I read Twilight and when I saw the film.

‘In New Moon, Taylor is incredible as Jacob, so I don’t know.’

Bryce, who is in Vancouver filming the 3rd Twilight movie (Eclipse), enjoyed a date night with her husband Seth Gabel. They attended a movie in downtown Vancouver. Bryce replaced Rachelle Lefevre and is playing the character ‘Victoria’.

We Can’t Wait!

About.Com Interview… Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3, Lady in the Water) stars as Kate Connor, the wife of resistance leader John Connor (played by Christian Bale), in Warner Bros Pictures’ Terminator Salvation, directed by McG. Howard, the daughter of actor/director Ron Howard, joined her fellow cast members and McG in San Francisco to talk about the fourth film of the blockbuster franchise: Bryce Dallas Howard Interview.

We have also added a new film still and some older pics to the gallery….

Bryce talks about Terminator

Bryce Loves Geeking Out At Comic-Con

“Terminator Salvation” star Bryce Dallas Howard felt right at home talking about the movie amid the mania of Comic-Con this week. “I walked the floor today! Oh, it was so much fun,” enthused the actress, who toured several booths at her second Con before duty pulled her away for interviews.

“I was actually really disappointed when I was here for ‘Spider-Man [3]’ that we didn’t have time in the schedule to walk the floor. I think Topher [Grace] came several hours earlier with his friends so he could do it. What’s so great about Comic-Con is it’s the fans — it’s people who have spent a significant amount of time invested in admiring the stories, admiring the heroism, the sci-fi aspects of these stories.

“These are the people I’m doing it for,” she said, looking over at the costumed crowd. “Because I’m one of them.”

Sundance Film Festival | Talking With Bryce Dallas Howard

The Moment shared a personal moment with the actress Bryce Dallas Howard at the Glamour Magazine Reel Moments party at Robert Redfordfs Park City restaurant, Zoom*. Bryce tells us she is at the festival to see her gSpiderman 3 co-star Kirsten Dunst but can only stay for 24 hours since she has her 11 month-old son, Theo, at home alone with her husband. For past coverage from Sundance, please click here

Have you ever been to Sundance before?
Never! Can you believe that?

With your family history!?! Has your father been to Sundance before?
Never! This is my first time here and I wish I had more time to spend seeing movies!

If you could catch one movie here, which one would you choose?
gGood Dickh, which was written and directed by one of my close friends, Marianna Palka**. She is an inspiration to me and she is never stopped by convention or the structure of Hollywood. She is in the movie with her real-life boyfriend, Jason Ritter. [John Ritterfs son.]

So you left your husband, Seth Gabel, at home to take care of Theo at 11 months. Was that nerve-wracking?
My husband is wonderful, but itfs very hard for me to leave Theo and I almost never do. Seth is fine with him and Ifm very organized. They are all set.

Would you call yourself a Type A personality, then?
Maybe. Slightly. [Laughing]

What was the birth like?
I planned for an at-home birth, but at the very end I needed to go to the hospital. I was home a couple hours after Theo was born. By accident, my father [the actor/director Ron Howard] was there for the birth, because the labor went so quickly. Just 4 hours.

What is it like to see Ron Howard with his first grandchild?

Interview: Bryce Dallas Howard, As You Like Her

Bryce Dallas Howard was 21 when she was cast as Rosalind in As You Like It at the Public Theater. “I had never even read the play,” she says. “I was put in the day before production started.” But when Kenneth Branagh began casting for his film adaptation — set in nineteenth-century Japan — she was eager to reprise the Shakespearean role. The daughter of director Ron Howard, she’s now 26 and best known for playing a blind girl in The Village, a narf in Lady in the Water, and Peter Parker’s second love interest in Spider-Man 3. As You Like It premieres tomorrow on HBO, and Vulture had some questions for the redheaded star.

M. Night Shyamalan famously offered you the part in The Village with no audition after attending your performance at the Public. Did he ever explain what he saw in your Rosalind?
I don’t know if it was something about Rosalind or more about me and the stage that I was at in my life. He said that if he had brought me in to audition, I wouldn’t have gotten the part. There was a quality that he saw that wouldn’t have survived an audition. I had gotten a terrible review from the New York Times — they literally singled me out. I thought, All right, well, I’m still doing the show. I’m just going to play. I’m not going to be so hard on myself. And M. Night came and saw it shortly thereafter. I think what he saw from me was like kamikaze acting.

Did you have to audition for the film version?
Oh, yes. I desperately wanted to audition because it was my only chance to meet Kenneth Branagh. I watched his Hamlet when I was in high school, and it had a big impact on me. The rest of the cast had already been put together, and I thought, Well, this is understandably impossible. They have an almost entirely British cast. They’re going to want a British Rosalind.

Once you were cast, did they help you master the accent?
I just stayed in the dialect the whole time. I don’t know, six weeks. I asked anyone to tell me if I said something wrong. So I would get pointers from my driver, from the hairdresser, from Ken.

Does Kevin Kline do that too?
I mean, Kevin Kline is an honorary Brit. [Laughs.] He doesn’t need help from anybody!

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Bryce attended the 2007 HBO Summer TCA Press Panel discussion of “As You Like It’. We added pictures to the gallery…

Bryce Dallas Howard: “Being American in this production – I would have to say that Kevin Kline is almost like an honorary Brit when it comes to Shakespeare – I felt like a little bit of a cowboy. Like, it’s, you know, a little rough with the language, and I didn’t really have a lot of confidence with it, initially. But under the guidance of Ken, and everyone else that was involved, I allowed myself to just enjoy the experience and do my best. But it was definitely initially intimidating, perhaps being an American, but even more than that, just being someone who is literally at the start of my career. I haven’t had as much experience as I would like to.”