Sundance Film Festival | Talking With Bryce Dallas Howard

The Moment shared a personal moment with the actress Bryce Dallas Howard at the Glamour Magazine Reel Moments party at Robert Redfordfs Park City restaurant, Zoom*. Bryce tells us she is at the festival to see her gSpiderman 3 co-star Kirsten Dunst but can only stay for 24 hours since she has her 11 month-old son, Theo, at home alone with her husband. For past coverage from Sundance, please click here

Have you ever been to Sundance before?
Never! Can you believe that?

With your family history!?! Has your father been to Sundance before?
Never! This is my first time here and I wish I had more time to spend seeing movies!

If you could catch one movie here, which one would you choose?
gGood Dickh, which was written and directed by one of my close friends, Marianna Palka**. She is an inspiration to me and she is never stopped by convention or the structure of Hollywood. She is in the movie with her real-life boyfriend, Jason Ritter. [John Ritterfs son.]

So you left your husband, Seth Gabel, at home to take care of Theo at 11 months. Was that nerve-wracking?
My husband is wonderful, but itfs very hard for me to leave Theo and I almost never do. Seth is fine with him and Ifm very organized. They are all set.

Would you call yourself a Type A personality, then?
Maybe. Slightly. [Laughing]

What was the birth like?
I planned for an at-home birth, but at the very end I needed to go to the hospital. I was home a couple hours after Theo was born. By accident, my father [the actor/director Ron Howard] was there for the birth, because the labor went so quickly. Just 4 hours.

What is it like to see Ron Howard with his first grandchild?