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We Can’t Wait!

About.Com Interview… Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3, Lady in the Water) stars as Kate Connor, the wife of resistance leader John Connor (played by Christian Bale), in Warner Bros Pictures’ Terminator Salvation, directed by McG. Howard, the daughter of actor/director Ron Howard, joined her fellow cast members and McG in San Francisco to talk about the fourth film of the blockbuster franchise: Bryce Dallas Howard Interview.

We have also added a new film still and some older pics to the gallery….

Terminator is Coming…

We have added some great HQ caps from the new trailer for Terminator Salvation.. check out the gallery – more goodies to come!

Sneak Peak at Next ‘Terminator’ Movie

Relaunching a franchise is never easy. When you’re following in the footsteps of James Cameron, it becomes an absurdly difficult challenge. That is just one of the many obstacles director McG faced when he signed on to reinvigorate the Terminator franchise.

The director took the mic to host a special presentation of early footage from Terminator Salvation Monday at the Time Warner screening room in Manhattan. Most of the 15 minutes or so of clips shown were incomplete, with unfinished special effects and rough audio. However, the clips did provide a clear sense of the look and style of the film. Picture the grime and decay of “Mad Max” or “Children of Men”, and you have a pretty good idea of the aesthetic vision McG and his team have created for the movie.

We also have answers to some of the key questions surrounding the storyline — including one major twist that frankly, I was surprised they showed us — so if you want to remain completely in the dark about the plot of Terminator Salvation….STOP READING NOW!!!

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Bryce talks about Terminator

Bryce Loves Geeking Out At Comic-Con

“Terminator Salvation” star Bryce Dallas Howard felt right at home talking about the movie amid the mania of Comic-Con this week. “I walked the floor today! Oh, it was so much fun,” enthused the actress, who toured several booths at her second Con before duty pulled her away for interviews.

“I was actually really disappointed when I was here for ‘Spider-Man [3]’ that we didn’t have time in the schedule to walk the floor. I think Topher [Grace] came several hours earlier with his friends so he could do it. What’s so great about Comic-Con is it’s the fans — it’s people who have spent a significant amount of time invested in admiring the stories, admiring the heroism, the sci-fi aspects of these stories.

“These are the people I’m doing it for,” she said, looking over at the costumed crowd. “Because I’m one of them.”

‘Terminator Salvation’ Rocks Comic Con!

Today was the highly impressive panel for Terminator Salvation from Warner Bros. and I will say if the fans weren’t on board before they are now as director McG managed to turn this room from dead and quiet to raving loons. Along with McG, in attendance were stars Common, Bryce Dallas Howard, Moon Bloodgood, Anton Yelchin and Sam Worthington.

They were also accompanied by the endoskeleton of a T-600 the Terminator model that will be featured in Terminator Salvation. He compared it to the first Mac’s and how large they were and then how much more compact and advanced they got through the years. So the T-600 is a much larger version than we have seen. McG referred to its creation in comparison to a Soviet tank.

Prior to introducing the footage McG addressed the rumor that the film would be PG-13. To get to the point he said, “I have been given the blessing to make the movie – just make the movie. If it’s rated R, it’s rated R.” The audience cheered the idea and personally McG has done a lot recently to impress me including addressing the issue of his name, saying how he also knows it can sound silly, but he revealed the history of his name. He didn’t need to do it, but when he did it pretty much gave the fanboys nothing more to argue about leaving the perception of the film up to the film itself.

Following his small introduction McG then revealed an expanded look at footage, which David has described for us below:

McG and friends are still out filming Terminator: Salvation in the desert, but for a reel of footage without any computer-effects, it was impressive. Lots of shit blows up real good. These guys must be scorching the desert out there. Also there seems to be a Gatling gun fetish in this flick. And that’s not a bad thing. All the stuff in the teaser was here, but there was definitely plenty of new stuff.
The footage opens with a crashed helicopter. Over the radio someone asks Christian Bale how many survivors, and he screams, “One!” Of course it’s an intense scream since Bale is an intense guy. There are desert vistas with dead terminators spread across the landscape. And then back to the explosions and gunfire involving Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin (the young Reese). There were no real close ups of terminators, other than destroyed ones. We get some in the background with glowing red eyes, a few few shadowy medium shots (and you can definitely tell these are older terminator models) and a terminator foot stomping human skulls.

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Terminator Salvation Teaser Trailer

Terminator cast just gets better

The cast of Terminator Salvation just keeps getting better. Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to play the “lead villain” in the next installment of the franchise, according to

If all works out, she’ll do battle with Christian Bale (John Conner) and Bryce Dallas Howard (John’s wife, Kate Conner).

McG (Charlie’s Angels) will direct the upcoming Terminator, which is set in post-apocalyptic 2018 and follows John Connor as he leads the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators.

Bonham Carter is no stranger to playing the villainess; she last appeared as the meat-pie-making murderess Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and will reprise her role as the witch Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

In talks to be in Terminator 4!

Bryce Dallas Howard is in discussions to replace Charlotte Gainsbourg in McG’s Terminator sequel, reports claim.

Gainsbourg, who starred alongside Heath Ledger in I’m Not There, had been set to play the wife of John Connor (Christian Bale), leader of the human resistance in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins but has been forced to withdraw from the project due to a scheduling conflict.

And according to the Hollywood Reporter, The Village star Howard is in negotiations to take the role.

The daughter of actor and director Ron Howard, she recently completed filming opposite Chris Evans and Ellen Burstyn in Jodie Markell’s The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond.

Gainsbourg’s departure has been provoked by the potential for an actor’s strike as the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) has failed to reach an agreement with Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) regarding remuneration over redistribution of their work on DVD and other media.

Were a strike to happen, shooting would be postponed temporarily, raising the possibility of clash for Gainsbourg between Terminator Salvation and a French comedy to which she is attached.

McG, helmer of both Charlie’s Angels features, is to follow in the footsteps of James Cameron and Jonathan Mostow in directing Terminator Salvation: due for release on May 22nd 2009.

While the plot of the fourth film has been largely kept under wraps, it is believed it could be the start of a three-picture exploration of the human battle for survival after much of the Earth has been obliterated by Skynet – the computer that controlled the machines – in a nuclear holocaust.