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Bryce is nominated for a Golden Globe!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bryce for her nomination for her role as in . She has been nominated in the following category with the following fellow actresses! Good Luck Bryce.. we hop eto see more of you out and about now! 🙂

Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for TV


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Video & Pics…

I have added a bunch of magazine scans from old mags such as, Dazed & Confused, Empire, Elle and Telegraph Magazine… plus some new MQ promotional images from ‘The Village’ and ‘Lady in the Water’. Also check out this behind the scenes peek at ‘As you like it’

New Pics…

I have just added some trailer caps and a promotional still from ‘As You Like It’. Plus the poster for ‘Loss of a Teardrop Diamond’. I am currently scanning a bunch of magazines, so stay tuned…

Interview: Bryce Dallas Howard, As You Like Her

Bryce Dallas Howard was 21 when she was cast as Rosalind in As You Like It at the Public Theater. “I had never even read the play,” she says. “I was put in the day before production started.” But when Kenneth Branagh began casting for his film adaptation — set in nineteenth-century Japan — she was eager to reprise the Shakespearean role. The daughter of director Ron Howard, she’s now 26 and best known for playing a blind girl in The Village, a narf in Lady in the Water, and Peter Parker’s second love interest in Spider-Man 3. As You Like It premieres tomorrow on HBO, and Vulture had some questions for the redheaded star.

M. Night Shyamalan famously offered you the part in The Village with no audition after attending your performance at the Public. Did he ever explain what he saw in your Rosalind?
I don’t know if it was something about Rosalind or more about me and the stage that I was at in my life. He said that if he had brought me in to audition, I wouldn’t have gotten the part. There was a quality that he saw that wouldn’t have survived an audition. I had gotten a terrible review from the New York Times — they literally singled me out. I thought, All right, well, I’m still doing the show. I’m just going to play. I’m not going to be so hard on myself. And M. Night came and saw it shortly thereafter. I think what he saw from me was like kamikaze acting.

Did you have to audition for the film version?
Oh, yes. I desperately wanted to audition because it was my only chance to meet Kenneth Branagh. I watched his Hamlet when I was in high school, and it had a big impact on me. The rest of the cast had already been put together, and I thought, Well, this is understandably impossible. They have an almost entirely British cast. They’re going to want a British Rosalind.

Once you were cast, did they help you master the accent?
I just stayed in the dialect the whole time. I don’t know, six weeks. I asked anyone to tell me if I said something wrong. So I would get pointers from my driver, from the hairdresser, from Ken.

Does Kevin Kline do that too?
I mean, Kevin Kline is an honorary Brit. [Laughs.] He doesn’t need help from anybody!

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As You Like It

According to As You Like It official site the film will debut Tuesday, August 21st, at 9 pm EST on HBO.

You can watch the trailer here. I also added some more stills to the gallery.


Bryce attended the 2007 HBO Summer TCA Press Panel discussion of “As You Like It’. We added pictures to the gallery…

Bryce Dallas Howard: “Being American in this production – I would have to say that Kevin Kline is almost like an honorary Brit when it comes to Shakespeare – I felt like a little bit of a cowboy. Like, it’s, you know, a little rough with the language, and I didn’t really have a lot of confidence with it, initially. But under the guidance of Ken, and everyone else that was involved, I allowed myself to just enjoy the experience and do my best. But it was definitely initially intimidating, perhaps being an American, but even more than that, just being someone who is literally at the start of my career. I haven’t had as much experience as I would like to.”

Howard, Kline and Molina Star in Branagh’s “As You Like It” on HBO

Branagh will set the famous Shakespeare comedy in 19th century Japan. The film is slated to debut on HBO Aug. 21 at 9 PM (ET).

For his fifth Shakespearean screen adaptation, Branagh employs a cast that feaures Brian Blessed (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – RSC, “I, Claudius”) as Duke Frederick/Duke Senior, Romola Garai (Calico, “Vanity Fair”) as Celia, Bryce Dallas Howard (Public’s As You Like It, “Spider-man 3”) as Rosalind, Kevin Kline (King Lear, “A Fish Called Wanda”) as Jaques, Adrian Lester (Company, “Hustle”) as Oliver, Janet McTeer (A Doll’s House, “Tumbleweeds”) as Audrey, Alfred Molina (Fiddler On The Roof, “Spider-man 2”) as Touchstone and David Oyelowo (RSC’s Henry VI, “Five Days”) as Orlando.

Also included in the cast are Richard Briers as Old Adam, Jimmy Yuill as Corin, Alex Wyndham as Silvius and Jade Jefferies as Phoebe.

Branagh first got the idea of making a movie version of As You Like It while playing Touchstone in repertory in the mid-’80s. “As You Like It is a classic feel-good romantic comedy, and I’ve seen it have a delirious effect on audiences,” said the director-adaptor. “The combination of light and shade means that Shakespeare’s comedies are often as beautiful and moving as the tragedies.”

“By relocating the Forest of Arden to Japan, it would be possible to get audiences to experience the story in a new, different and exotic way,” stated Branagh in a release. “I felt the sublime landscape and fascinating culture could be an inspiring setting for this quintessential romantic comedy. With sumo, martial arts and cherry blossom, I hope that the drama and the joy can combine to produce a wonderfully enjoyable film.”

“People tend to feel that because the Forest of Arden is named in the play, it must be the place in Warwickshire. But Warwickshire isn’t mentioned, any more than the Ardenne in France (another suggested location). In fact, no place names are mentioned. So you could argue that the Forest of Arden is a mythical place, or if you like, a state of mind.”

“When you start working on an adaptation like this, I think you have to find the nuts and bolts of the story and then meet the difference between a 400-year-old text and a contemporary medium,” he revealed. “So, what do you leave out? How do you tell the story with pictures? And how do you strike the balance between presenting the story and finding a visual language that lets the words that remain sing out? It’s also about being bold enough – if you think there is a cinema narrative that is crying out to be followed – to sometimes abandon the structure of the play.”

HBO presents the film in association with BBC Films and A Shakespeare Film Company Production. “As You Like It,” adapted for the screen and directed by Kenneth Branagh, features a design team of Tim Harvey (production) and Susannah Buxton (costumes) Jenny Shircore (makeup and hair). The film also features music composed by Patrick Doyle.

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As You Like It trailer

You can watch the trailer of Bryce’s film As You Like It here. I will make some screencaps of it and add them later to the gallery.