Eclipse Test Screening Rumors Debunked

2010 kicked off with twi-tastic news that sent fans of the franchise into a full out frenzy. Scammers took to the Internet to cook up a big, fat juicy lie that placed them in an exclusive screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. They blogged about the brilliant Bryce Dallas Howard, mingled with the production team and slipped that the official trailer will debut on January 18th at the Golden Globes. So what’s the deal? Are all these rumors really true or did some scammers take Twilight fans for a ride?

Before you work yourself up into a full blown twi-tack know that these are just rumors and nobody has seen the film yet. The rumors that a few lucky fans were handpicked to screen test the film are just extreme lies told by scammers looking for attention. These rumors have gotten attention from everyone and Pel from TwilightLexicon was quoted as saying, “No one is test screening ANYTHING right now. They’re all watching Avatar and saying I’m gonna get you James Cameron and your little dog too. If they’re test screening Eclipse this weekend then I’m having a full frontal threesome snog with Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke.”

With that news past us, let’s focus back on the realm of possibility. Through the rumors these bloggers were typing, they did bring up an interesting topic. They stated, “that Before it started some guy from Summit said that they are going to release the teaser trailer On Janurary[sic] 18th at the Golden Globes.” We are six months away from the film and a trailer would be a nice bonus for Twilight fans, but how long do we have to wait? The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer debuted in May at the MTV Movie Awards which was six months before the release date. So as we rev up for Awards season, which award show do you think will be privileged with the unveiling of the new trailer?