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Welcome to Bryce-DallasHoward.Com, your #1 fansite source online. You may know Bryce from her performances in "The Village (2004)", "The Help (2011)" and most recently "Jurassic World (2015)". Bryce is currently filming "Gold (2016)" opposite Matthew McConaughey and can next be seen in Disney's "Pete's Dragon (2016)". Bryce is the daughter of Oscar-winning director, Ron Howard. Please browse the site for info, visit our image gallery and we will continue to bring you updates, enjoy your stay!

A few Spider-Man 3 clips are up here. They are very short scenes from the movie, some of you might consider them spoilers, so if you do, don’t watch them. I will add some caps to the gallery later.

Thanks to Simply Bryce we know about an Entertainment Weekly feature on Spider-Man 3 with interviews to the cast. You can read the entire article here. It’s quite long, but worth reading it.

There’s an interview to Bryce on the set of Spider-Man 3, you can watch it here.

You can watch the trailer of Bryce’s film As You Like It here. I will make some screencaps of it and add them later to the gallery.

Thanks to Romina we learnt that Kirsten and Bryce are on the cover of JANE Magazine this month! Please if anyone is able to send us HQ scans we would much appreciate it! You can see some MQ’s over at !

The shoot took place last December and was 40’s & 60’s inspired, although you’d never know it from the close-up shots in the mag. The article tag line is “Kirsten Dunst & Bryce Dallas Howard talk about being in their 20’s, dating arrogant actors & why Kirsten might soon be pregnant.” They interview each other for the piece…..

EDIT/ Credit to Nita for the scans and the text about the article & photo shoot… thank you!

Thanks to John over at Kirsten-Dunst.Org we have some Premiere details:

Tokyo on April 16th
London on April 23rd
Rome on April 24th
Berlin on April 25th
Madrid on April 25th
Stockholm on April 26th
Moscow on April 26th
Paris on April 27th
New York on April 30th

I’m afraid we have no confirm details on which ones Bryce will be attending… we will let you know as soon as we do!

Bryce has a video interview about Spider-Man 3. You can find it on the spiderman3comcast website under > behind the scenes > talkng with bryce Dallas Howard. I am adding caps to the gallery now and I will hopefully grab the video later…

I have added a rare photoshoot by Robert Maxwell to the gallery…

I found a short video interview last year about ‘Manderlay’


Bryce WILL replace Lindsay Lohan In ‘Teardrop Diamond’.

Whether she’s losing roles because she’s too busy, because she’s done with independents or because she’s unreliable, Lindsay Lohan is so known for dropping out of projects that some of us have coined the action as “pulling a La Lohan.” It isn’t a surprise now to learn that she’s being replaced in another film, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond. You may remember the plot of the Tennessee Williams-penned film, which we told you about in November, as centering on a Southern socialite in 1920s Memphis. Lohan had been cast as that socialite, but now the role is being offered to Bryce Dallas Howard.

Shooting begins in May 2007.

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