iMessage on PC: So, everyone loves to use iMessage in their Apple and ios product. This app is one of the most popular in Mac and ios. This is the default app offered by Apple allows you to make high-quality video calls and voice calls. If there is a skype of all other system and devices then there is iMessage for Mac and ios devices. Now there are ways to use iMessage on Windows then follow the same steps to make it possible.

So, there are 3 ultimate ways to use the same iMessage in Windows system. Now go with the same ways and use the app in your Windows system.

iMessage on Windows PC Laptop:

Here we will be using an android emulator called as Bluesatcks App Player.

Here you need to downlaod that software in order to sun android apps on it. Let’s start with the procedure.

  • You can directly go to the internet and download Bluestacks App Player there.
  • It’s too easy to install it in your system then install it while it takes few minutes to complete.
  • Complete the installation process and open the software.
  • Here you will get whole android system. Here you will also have search bar then you can use that same thing to install the apps.
  • Then you can directly go there and search for iMessage. This is the Play Store where you can get all android apps.
  • Now use that app by getting it through Apps list.

2nd method: iMessage on PC

This is the easiest method to download and install iMessage app in your Windows system. Apart from that you can install any ios apps in that device. Now we will start with the procedure to install iMessage app in Windows.

  • So, search for this iPadian in the internet or directly go to the official website and download it.
  • So, you have downloaded then you must install it now.
  • You can get the official version of this app by just going through the official website of this app.
  • So, you have installed it in your Windows PC.
  • Open it where you will get assumed because there is an ios tab in your system.
  • Then you can use iMessage here.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop:

This is the case where you need two computers. This is a little tough because here you need two computers where one must be an Apple and another one must have Windows operating system.

  • There you have two personal computers. Now you must have Google Chrome browse there because this whole method is defends on the browsers.
  • If you don’t have Google Chrome browsers in your computers then you cannot do anything.
  • So, first of all have them whether you download it or do anything.
  • Now open Google Chrome browser in both PC’s and connect them using Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • So, the advantage of connecting them is using mac programs in Windows system.
  • Then start using it.