“Under The Gun” Los Angeles Premiere

Bryce attended the Under The Gun Los Angeles premiere at Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California (May 3).

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Bryce on the Ellen Degeneres show

Bryce will be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show on May 11th.

Jay Leno

A huge, huge thank you to David for recording Bryce on Jay Leno last night! ..and we have the clip here for you already! Bryce seems so sweet, although the interview is short, she as always is a pleasure to watch and I am still shocked that she gave birth only 10 weeks ago!.. I also added a few screen captures to the gallery

Bryce on TRL

Bryce and the rest of the Spider-Man 3 Cast were on TRL yesterday… I have just added a bunch of photographs to the gallery, plus you can watch the video below!

Another interview with Bryce

IGN posted a new video interview with Bryce, you can watch it here. I will add caps later.

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New York Premiere Pictures

Bryce looked gorgeous last night at the New York Premiere for Spider-Man 3!
I have added 60 photographs from the premiere along with an additional 25 from the Today Show appearence earlier yesterday.

Falling for Spider-Man

Being the daughter of Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard could be considered Hollywood royalty, but you would never know it. In person she is probably one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet. Howard, who plays Gwen Stacy in ‘Spider-Man 3’, was thrilled to take on the role. “I was so excited. I love this franchise. I was a huge fan of the first film. When I saw the second film I was completely blown away. I liked it better than the first, which I didn’t think was possible. I became one of those people who started going on the Internet seeing what are the rumors and what’s going on. When I found out they were having another female character I was all over that.”

Howard did a great deal of prep for the role, but in her research of the character she found a few surprises. “When I did start doing research and a picture popped on the Internet, I thought, are you serious? They really want to cast me? She has a specific look and I never envisioned myself doing or being able to do. There were a lot of hair and make-up meetings.” Howard who is a natural redhead had to go blonde for the film. So do blondes have more fun? “Well I feel comfortable as a red-head because that what I am naturally, but I had fun getting to do it. I got a lot of attention at grocery stores, like a lot of people coming up to me saying do you need some help ma’am.”

In the film there is an intense action sequence that Howard had to prepare for, that took months to shoot. “That was so much fun to shoot. They built a three or four story structure inside a sound stage that would just collapse and they would set it all back up again. They put a harness on me, but they really let me fall. I was scared so there was no acting involved in that scene literally.”

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NBC’s Today Show

Bryce’s and the rest of the Cast of “Spider-Man 3” visits The NBC Today Show… I have found a few photos already… I will add more as I find them. The premiere s also this evening so I’m sure I’ll have a load of images for you to see tomorrow!


I just added a few caps from Bryce’s brief appearence in ‘Parenthood’ (1989) !